January 4th, 2004

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People do not realize the advantages of volunteering to read Shakespeare out loud in class. I only had 2 or 3 scenes I didn't have a role in, and I did 1/3 of the play as Hamlet, so its not as if I'm worried about studying it for finals.

The only thing I have to study outside of class is Math. English I have pretty much down pat (need to look at Chaucer and re-read all the short stories and poems to get the hang of which is which for a reminder), Christian Ethics we'll cover enough in class, just re-read the material and concentrate on dates and definitions. Comp Sci is easy - maybe look at some old code if I'm bored since we haven't used VB for a month, but its open file final, so I can look at my own code anyway. Info Pro - HAH. The only program he taught us to use in two years that I didn't already have 1337 5|<i11z in was Access, and he isn't testing us on it this year.
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