January 31st, 2004

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I had a panic attack last night over at JJ's after the concert. From the way the girls were talking, it seemed like JJ's brother was going to come home drunk with a bunch of friends to party. I was really tired, and feeling kind of homesick, so I had a panic attack. I mean, I never remember Tyler having drunken parties at home when I was younger. And I don't like noise, especially when I'm trying to sleep. I was cranky after the loud, tiring concert. That's why I like JB's the best - she's the youngest like me, so it is just her and her parents at home. Bimbo's is alright - her brothers are in Grade 4 and 8 respectively, and mostly stay out of our way, and sleep in the basement.

Her brother ended up staying in Saskatoon because the weather was bad, and it was like 2 in the morning. Today, they told me they were just joking when they said he'd have a party. JJ said he'd never bring friends home when she had them over, because there's only one area we can all fit in to sleep.

I still won't ever sleep over at her house again. I might, if I know for *sure* that her brother won't be home, but I probably won't sleep there. I would just freak out. Then again, invitations to her house are few and far between. I just can't deal with the panic. I can't remember the last time I had a panic attack before then.

I'm getting panicky just thinking about it...
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