February 12th, 2004

ffxii - basch - rockstar

the good and the bad

I have to quit Mock Trial.

This would have been my 4th year of it. I was going to try for an award this year (although I probably would never have gotten one). I love it, it's been my pet school activity.

But it falls on the weekend of the last show of the musical, which I cannot miss. And I'm lighting director. Can't miss it. Blah. I've done Mock Trial for 3 years, but I've never done the musical. And it'll look good when I apply for university. But it is still depressing, letting something you've done all your high school life go. But it's pretty much dead now anyway, since half the people that were wanting to do it are in the musical and thus can't. And if she goes out recruiting, well, you don't get people that are as passionate about it that way.

Bye bye, Mock Trial. I'll miss you. And those god-forsaken white Law Day t-shirts.