March 18th, 2004

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Misc stuff

I suppose it is time to update this thing! *laughs* I've been so busy, with musical and ceramics and Mom going on her trip and school and thinking about grad. I had my grad pictures today - hope my smile isn't too bad.

I also bought this at Amazing Stories on Tuesday. Haven't gotten busted for it yet at school.

Got my midterm marks early to send to Lethbridge - 73 in Calc (not too bad, after that test I got a 41 on), 88 in Drama, 93 in English and 99 in Comp Sci.

They keep on shoving all this stuff on me at school - like flyers and Concert of Peace and crap. It is hard to do, seeing as I don't have transportation - Mom usually does this stuff. And now Hall wants me to stay longer at the concert so I can take a look at lighting for the musical. Blah.

JB stole my PlayStation and copy of FF7. This makes Hayley sad. I'll get it back after the musical, though.
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