September 4th, 2004

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important stuff

I'm not dead, really.

The bulk of my time has been taken up by, gasp, moving. We sold the farm (literally) out to the non-profit org than runs it. We found a fourplex in town to move into, which we shall do by the middle of the month. On Sunday we are having an auction sale (this one I'll be able to remember, the last one I was like 6). I'll miss it, but it is time to move on.

I start classes on the 8th at UofS through SIAST. I'm taking Computer Science, Sociology, Political Studies, English and Math (only Math can really be used towards what I think will be my major - there are no Economics or Commerce classes here).

Remember back in the day when that prof from Lethbridge called to congratulate me on getting into New Media? She called back again, wondering why I wasn't on the roster. That's the only thing I regret about not going.

It is 4:45 AM, I am in my brother's apartment, and I cannot sleep. Boo.