October 9th, 2004

ffxii - basch - rockstar

A story

...so, being the mighty birthday whore I am, I bugged my friend Kim all day saying 'present! present!'. She picked me up from my place at 2pm, we went to Walmart multiple times, she got her haircut, and then we were going to go to the bumper cars.

However, I had to visit Mr. Bathroom, so I did. As I did, Kim got a call, and it was apparently a wrong number. So anyway, the bumper cars were full because of a kids party. We decided to go back up to my place.

As I walk up to the front steps, I wonder why my mom's car isn't here. I shrug it off, thinking she was buying groceries or something. I open the door, Kim behind me, to a great big fucking shout of...


Yes. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party!

The stash: Happy Bunny CD locker, Jack Sparrow poster, Kareoke Revolution and a purse that says Johnny Depp. Oh, and ear piercings from my parents and whatever else I buy today in Saskatoon. ^_^ <-- spoiled