November 8th, 2004

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either or

I have a perfectly good cellphone, albeit a few years old and no gadgets like a color screen or a camera or anything like that. I don't often use it, either - about an hour a month. Just an emergency thing. It is hardly ever on, either.

I also have a perfectly good CD player. Well wait - I go though about a CD player a year (sometimes two). I play rough with my CD players, frequently dropping them and shoving them places and stuff. However, I do listen to music on it on a daily basis and have many CDs.

So should I ask for a new cellphone or an iPod mini for Xmas?
Cellphone = cheaper, but with monthly contract. Never really use.
iPod Mini = more expensive, scared of wrecking it as fast as a CD player. Not as much storage (can't store all my CDs on it, would have to get rid of a few, but I'm tired of a lot of them anyway).

Which one?

iPod Mini
ffxii - basch - rockstar

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Grab the nearest book.
Open to page 23.
Post the 5th sentence of that page.
(Optional: write a fiction snippet (<250 words) using this sentence.)
(stolen from asciident)

Dark Gold, by Christine Feehan:

"Whatever this creature was, he was dangerous and insane beyond imagination."