January 6th, 2005

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The volunteer bug has bit me again. I'm applying to volunteer at the local Arts Centre, but I want something online again. I miss volunteering online. Although I burn out more quickly and frequently than most people, I like doing it. The last time I made a post about this, someone suggested Wikipedia - but I don't think that's for me, and most of what I could write is already chronicled there.

With all this hullaballoo about the big buy, I feel like doing something LiveJournal-y again, but I'll never go back to support - too out of the loop now, I can't translate any languages, the last time I tried writing a FAQ was a nightmare, and I have no dev skills. Abuse is too hardcore for me and I'm not sure I could do the time commitment - I want something I can do for an hour a day 5 or 6 times a week - that is so not Abuse. I was thinking the userpics team, but asciident hasn't put out any requests for new members, and I think that's how she goes about it.

LiveJournal has something that the Open Directory Project will never have - a small group of young people dedicated to helping others for non-profit. And if someone who has volunteered at LJ is going 'huh? small?' right now - years ago, when I volunteered at the ODP, there were about 7,000 active editors. There is but a few hundred, if that, active people volunteering at LJ. The main group is a few dozen people at most.

I think I just miss being part of the big LJ volunteer loop. I miss a lot of the people. I have no anchor on the internet now *except* LJ. Sure, I do keep on Fark, The Straight Dope and Snopes, but that's about all. I want to go out and meet people again, in an atmosphere I don't feel like a newbie in - that's LJ.
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