February 19th, 2005

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You know what I really hate?

When people ask you to hang out with them tomorrow, and when you call them the next day to do something, they are out with someone else.
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Dad is playing the accordian :) He hasn't done that in a while, but it makes him happy and me happy. I love it when he plays the accordian. Feels like home. *smiles*
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Little Lirin!

I hate posting things after the event because they are never as witty, but I have never seen so many jokes cracked about Lirin's boobs in one place before. Needless to say, we now have a solid cosplay plan for Megumi to use. Water balloons and a 36DDD bra included.

JB: She shouldn't bother hitting them, she should use her boobs.
Me: *starts swaying boobs around as a weapon*
Bimbo: Deadly nipples!
Me: She should use one of those breast thingies like Janet Jackson that fits over her nipples and is spiky.
Bimbo: She should have guns put in!

We couldn't get our bloody hands on GetBackers, so we watched Saiyuki Requiem. Much talk over Gojyo's nipples as well, and the aforementioned Lirin.