February 25th, 2005

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*Edit: I called her and yes, I pissed her off. But she said she was being sarcastic. She knows I can't even tell sarcasm in real life, whether or not over MSN! :/ But she does this all the time, so I assumed she wasn't being sarcastic. Sarcasm isn't usually done every time an event occurs. *

I think I totally pissed JB off.

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We have this same damn argument all the time. She gets pissed off if I use a GameShark, she gets pissed off if I don't want to play a WarioWare for more than an hour, she gets pissed off if I want to do something other than watch her play the same damn game for an hour straight. It is called *variety*. I can't do what she does - she's wrapping PoP: Warrior Within in a week long Blockbuster rental. I'd go insane - it took me weeks to get halfway through Sands of Time! I might play an RPG 5 hours a day if I'm really into it (read: Final Fantasy), but I take a break for an hour or two every hour. She wrapped Starfox in a day! I'm sorry if I don't have that kind of stamina!
ffxii - basch - rockstar

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