June 23rd, 2005

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Wow - the Red Cross is here at the school setting up because a nearby town is flooding and they are evacuating and sending people here.

Why am I at the school when school is done, you ask?

Why, I'd love to tell you.

Way back at the end of April, I applied for a rocking summer job at the local technical institute (where I've taken classes and will be going to full time this fall). Basically, it was for a Instructional Technologist. Meaning, to proofread, backup and work with online courses. Well, I gave up on it after a few weeks of not hearing anything. Then, all of a sudden at the start of June, I get a call for an interview. Two weeks after that, I found myself starting my new summer job. And it ROCKS!

And if anybody asks, it is Government Training Wage. Most people will probably understand this - if you do not, let me put it the way the recently deleted da_beaker did - "I know people who would sleep with someone for that job."