July 5th, 2005

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My arms smell like bread dough.

The Animethon plans are coming along - it seems as if we won't have to fly, JB's parents will either drive us or hopefully Tyler (my brother) or as a last ditch effort, my mother. I'm not looking forward to the 6 hour drive, especially leaving Friday and coming back Sunday (at least if we went with JB's parents we could leave at the buttcrack of dawn, if we left with Tyler we'd leave late). I'm in it for the Dealer's Room and the cosplay, mostly. I talked with the weapons dude and I can't take a real whip in (yes, galynthia, I'm going as CAIN. Wheeee!), but I can take in a cloth one. So red fabric around a skipping rope here I come. Hopefully I can get a wig from Saskatoon, otherwise I'll be cutting it close for eBay. I'll have to make some calls on Friday. Oh damn, I haven't talked to Mom about making a vest for me. I have everything else for Cain but a wig, gray vest and whip.