October 28th, 2005

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Yeah, so my brother is the Sales Manager for the local radio station, Mix 101 FM. He had a hairbrained plan for their latest contest promotion. There were 101 contestants, so they made a 101 square surface, and decided to bring a cow and wait for it to shit on a square to declare a winner. Well, it was a bit disastrous to say the least - the loud music freaked the cow right out and she almost got loose, so they cut the event short.

Anyway, the cow was our Uncle Orest's. They did a radio interview with him, which I've put up here(MP3, 2.3 MB). My family rocks. *laughs*

In other news, Kyle has started a dangerous thing in our class - we've been playing UT 2004 on a LAN in the New Media lab. I don't talk about school here very much like I used to, but I do have some great stories, like how so many people show up totally hungover or still drunk, or how everything gets blamed on James, or going out to Boston Pizza at 11 am for lunch and the guys getting mugs of beer and cocktails, or The Mullet, and so many others.
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