...and my axe!!! (shahrizai) wrote,
...and my axe!!!

Tides of War spoilers!

What in the ever loving fuck is this? Jaina is now Super Saiyan Hiroshima girl now?!  I hope writing that skeeved Christie Golden out a bit, because it skeeved me out!

Also, Jaina and Kalec's romance is so incredibly horribly contrived. Where the hell is my HBIC Tyrigosa?  Better be making out with Jorad in Outland.

I'm sad that Jaina came to this - lost her faith in peace and asking her father for forgiveness.  God, it feels like Metzen just wants to keep trashing her.  Giving Thrall a mate wasn't enough!

Speaking of Thrall! You are a scumbag. Please fuck off now.

I also love sarcasm the new Varian. Everything is just peachy now after his crisis of conscience in Wolfheart!

Finally, Shandris: The archdruid and high priestess did not allow you to come to Theramore's aid. The high priestess did.  The archdruid is too busy being Tree Friend.

Tags: anduin is jesus, baine and voljin take the wheel, jaina does not work that way, scumbag aspect, thrall suck a dick, wow, wtf

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