...and my axe!!! (shahrizai) wrote,
...and my axe!!!

Can I have one, just one fic where instead of Tony breaking up with Pepper because he has hot hot chemistry with Steve and her being okay with that or pushed off to the side, Tony breaks up with Steve because he realizes Pepper really is the one for him and he and Steve go back to just being bros? Of course I can't, because that would get in the way of all the mansmut.

But seriously, the lack of quality Tony/Pepper compared to Tony/Steve is getting to me to the point where I just want to punch Cap in the face because he feels like a homewrecker.

Also, can we mix our het and slash pairings please? Got Tony/Steve as your main pairing? Well of course we must also do Clint/Coulson, Thor/Loki and no Bruce because there's no other men left to pair him off with! Tony/Pepper? Well of course our other pairings must be Clint/Natasha and Thor/Jane and Darcy/Coulson! Because I would read the shit out of a Tony/Pepper and Bruce/Coulson double date fic.

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