...and my axe!!! (shahrizai) wrote,
...and my axe!!!

it's strangely liberating.

So the Warlords of Draenor announcement was just kind of like a balloon deflating for me. I was so excited at the likelihood of getting Sargeras or Azshara next, and then...orcs. Time travelling orcs. Time travelling orcs that invalidate every storyline in this series I love.

I'm just done. I've stopped caring recently anyway - I haven't even done LFR Garrosh yet because I'm waiting for WoW Insider's 5 Second boss guides. I guess I'll do that and unsub until my nelfs actually get to do stuff.

So I have no idea what my new timesink should be. I need a story and a fandom to sink my teeth into, and the other MMOs don't really have that. I do want to upgrade my potato so I can Dragon Age 2 and Skyrim with mods. I tried the DA2 demo, it was like a cross between a PS1 and Dreamcast game with lag.
Tags: metzen stahp!, metzen what are you doing, stop trying to make garrosh happen, thrall suck a dick, time travel all the things, tyrande gets a barrow den?, what is this bullshit?, whoops forgot koltira, wow

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