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Because none of you know me in real life so you can't treat me like a leper:


fighting with my landlord to get an exterminator to check things out. I can't find a bug, but I got the bites all over me and a stain on my sheets.

Today I learned I have 9 garbage bags of fabrics. And because this fucking apartment building doesn't have enough washers and driers, I get a whole 4.5 hour block a week to do laundry in. Fuck that, I'm going to a laundromat tomorrow.

However, I probably won't have to worry about unpacking half those textiles, because I just applied for an internal job in another city and everyone is acting like I've already got it, so I should be out of here by the end of the summer.
Tags: fail, fml, grumpy cat hates everything, i has a home, i hate everything, i hate this city, pissed off, uh oh, waaahhh, want cheese with whine?, work

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