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oh, blizzard, you plot like a teenage Twilight fic writer.

So Jaina is trying to say she can't kick out the Sunreavers, Dalaran is their home too and the Alliance and Horde work in harmony there. Meanwhile, the cutscene just shows a bunch of belfs hanging out together - no Alliance in sight. And don't forget how Alliance automagically gets booted out of the Sunreavers' Sanctuary if they try to go there! (I haven't gotten a Hordie to Dal, so I don't know if the same happens Horde-side.)
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The more I play WoW, the more I wonder if Blizzard just can't plot, or if Night Elves are really just idiots.

Varian schooling Tyrande on battle tactics? Christ, hasn't she seen everything by now? Illidan had the excuse of not actually having the chance to learn anything for 10000 years and Malfurion has the excuse of not caring about anything but the ~COLOURS OF THE WIIIIIIIIND
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I discovered a novelty account on reddit named BaschOfDalmasca who just goes into random threads proclaiming 'Don't listen to Ondore's lies!'.

This, obviously, has made my day.
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oh, blizzard...

Dark news arrives in Jaina’s beloved city, Theramore. One of the blue dragonflight’s most powerful artifacts—the Focusing Iris—has been stolen. To unravel the item’s mysterious whereabouts, Jaina works with the former blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgos. The two brilliant heroes forge an unlikely bond during their investigation, but another disastrous turn of events looms on the horizon. . . .

So it looks like this is the mysterious Jaina ship we've been hearing about. Well, a little teensy lame part of me was hoping for Varian, but oh well. Actually, wait, this is bad because every chick that hooks up with Kalecgos ends up dead. Goddamnit, can we at least have Jorad enter canon so Tyri can finally dump her crappy fiancee?
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orly, blizzard?

Leaders of Azeroth banner. Right side.  Discuss.

I am pleased to know that our new racial leader is, indeed, Shan'do Stormrage.  The man who can only lead a horse to water because he's a Druid.

Fuck it, can race changing from a nelf to a belf fit in with lore somehow? /angry kitteh
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