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i'm a siovalese library

but i'm just a little dusty

...and my axe!!!
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I am kujie. I am 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 years old. I am ♀.

If you've been friended by me and don't know who the hell I am, it's probably because you're heavily into fandom and I like your work and you post interesting entries.

NC-17 fic over at anafiel, other fic lost to time (meaning, I'm too lazy to put my site back up).

All brushes used in my icons are from sites credited here.

10000 years for sexytiems, 13x6, all the stormrages!, anafiel delaunay, angel sanctuary, angelology, animethon, ariabart tytania, arshes nei, ashram, atheism, aurikku, babies faster than kenyans, banewreaker, barquiel l'envers, bastard!!, beating up floats, berserk, bishounen, blaise + fianna, blogs, blu manga, blue peen!, bonestorm!!!, buffity buff buffs, canada, chaotix, coding by hand, crying over spilled regexs, ctrl + f5, death knights humping, domo-kun, drace, dreamweaver, dryden fassa, dwarven district, eagle vision, earthian, education, elves, epica, eroica, farangese, feffiroff, ffxii, fumi yoshinaga, gabranth, game night, gamecube party games, gankutsuou, gel pens, ghaleon, gyroids, ha ha childric d'essoms, history, hokuto, hot for belfs, html, huskies, i'm a huntard, illidan, ilyakoria bakhtiian, irritating stick, jaran, jouslain tytania, judges magister humping, kael'thas, kaikan phrase, kain highwind, kaiser, karla the grey witch, kuchikicest, kuja, kupo nuts, kushiel, kyou kara maoh, laughing at anime fangirls, literature, lodoss, lord of the rings, loveless, master!seme, mcnally robinson, meine liebe, melisande shahrizai, moogles, mozilla, mythology, naked guys, nightwalker, nightwish, not liking emo, o hai tyrande, omgwtfbbq!!!111, online learning, orlando bloom's overratedness, pirotess, political incorrectness, pretty boys, pro-choice, pyromania, quincest, rayearth, root beer, roy + riza, sabre and locke, saetan daemon sadiablo, satoris banewreaker, seishirou, semagic, sephiroth, seregil and alec, servant!uke, setzer gabbiani, slash goggles, sleeping, soup tastes like husband, spitz sunflower seeds, surreal, tanaros blacksword, tess soerensen, th-th-thubaru, thinking, toadette, two cheeseburger meal, ukrainian wheel, urban legends, ushahin dreamspinner, vampire hunter d, web design, wtf now knaak?, wtf yazoo?, xkcd, yazz!, yoshi, yoshi/mach bike otp, yuffentine, yun kouga, yuu higuri, zagato